Duncan Ranch, owned by Keith and Kathy, is located  in the beautiful Texas hill country and has some of the finest Whitetail genetics.  Keith has been managing whitetail deer under a high fence on 850 acres since 1992 and has consistently improved the deer herd.  For the past ten  years, satisfied hunters have harvested bucks qualifying them for the Texas Big Game Awards. 

Kathy manages the whitetail deer breeding facility.  She has bottle raised fawns of superior genetics, yearling bucks and does, and mature bucks and does for sale.  Breeder stock genetics are northern, south Texas, and Malouf. 

Keith and Kathy extend their hospitality to the serious deer hunter and breeder anytime to check out their operation.  They'll be glad to show you around!

Give them a call for more information on guided hunts and breeder stock or call Dusty Duncan at (512)564-0303.

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